Design Updates

This page is to document all updates for cases that might occur.


1-11-2020 Update: (case design changes from 11-7-2020)

  • New hardware is in full effect, button head screws with hex shaped standoffs
    • New colors: Gunmetal gray, Rainbow titanium, White (nylon) and clear (plastic) screws
  • New gray color, gunmetal gray vs titanium gray
  • Open/USB cutout layers have a cut in
  • Bottom layers now have a cut in too
  • Logo has moved from the center of the board to a back plate corner
  • Stand layers have been moved to the back of the case. You'll now receive two different lengths of standoffs for the case
  • No longer support CNC'd aluminum feet
  • No longer support a flat (0 degree angle)
  • 60% case now has an extra column for hardware
  • Longer boards, such as the KBD19x will now have two sides of stands, both on the back


V1 design principles:
  • Introduced the flare layer, the second most layer from the top
  • Stand layers were placed lower on the back, forcing a higher typing angle
  • Used barbell standoffs, countersunk screws paired with washers.