Build Service

Price and Info

Switch Modification

Switch modding starts at $1.20 for basic lubing. For all switch mods (lubing, filming + more) it is on average $1.65 depending on the mods needed.

Keyboard Assembly

Prices can be seen on the product listed below.

For mill-max sockets, please reach out to us, as this will depend on the size!

Through-Hole Kits/Pro Micro based boards --


This is not a service offered at the moment.

Frequently asked questions

How long will this take?

An exact time frame will be given upon finalizing the build proposal and when the kit is received. Please understand that family emergencies/personal things may increase lead times.

Can you source out my parts for me?

Most likely, I will not be able to source parts for you. I can offer my advice and personal experience with products, but will not offer this as part of the service.

Can I ship parts from vendors to you?

I do allow this, but need to know exactly what is ordered, from which vendor and the vendor order number.

If import duties are required, then you will have to cover the fees.

Got more questions?

Feel free to email us at