How to buy

SM Keyboards creates premium acrylic custom mechanical keyboards for widely available custom keyboard PCBs within the mechanical keyboard community.

To prevent this business overtaking our lives and full time jobs, we set up a human limit for the amount of work we accept and therefore cannot meet large-scale demand for our products. 

As of May 2022, we have decided to keep our commission orders open, for unlimited orders. 

There are a few different ways you can get one of our cases/kits:

Commissions — We strive to open up our custom case commissions every month, but sometimes setbacks occur or we just have a busy-time in our personal lives. When we open for commissions you are able to purchase the more standard cases (60%, 65%, Alice, TKL, etc.) You can also include any custom requests you may have when you place your order.

In stock items Sometimes we offer in-stock (inventory release) of pre-cut cases and other various products. I try my best to post on Instagram what is available during these sales. These occur every once in a while and we are trying to have them monthly.

Collab raffle sales — Sometimes, I am given the honor of collaborating with a designer and their keyset by creating a custom case collaboration (usually featuring a keyset novelty engraving). These collabs are only available to purchase if you win the one of our online raffles. Raffles occur on a pre-announced date and have a 24-hour entry window. To enter you must fill out an online raffle form. After the entry window is over,  a certain number of winners will be randomly picked to win the opportunity to purchase the collab case. We post all information on current collaborations on our Instagram.