Q: Why is the lead time so long?

A: This is to account for my vendors’ lead time, allows me to perform QA on the cut pieces and make sure I send out pieces that I am happy with.

Q: Does a PCB come with your case?

A: No. You will need to source this yourself.

Q: My case/parts of the case arrived broken, what do I do?

A: Contact me ASAP. I do my best with packaging with packing paper and lots of bubble-wrap, but I understand if something breaks during transit.

Q: I broke one of my case layers, can I get a replacement?

A:  Send me an email (smkeyboards@gmail.com) and I’ll be able to help out.

Q: What hardware do you use?

A:  I use colored M3 screws and standoffs. 15mm and 25mm standoffs. 8mm screws.