POM Plates Information

About POM

POM Plates are available in a natural (white) and black color. Custom made plates laser cut from Polyoxymethylene (POM). POM is a high strength, yet flexible plastic - It is a great choice of material for a keyboard plate as it provides a 'softer' typing experience and modified acoustics.


We order our POM sheets at 1.5mm thickness though parts of the sheets can vary up to 1.6mm therefore our POM plate thickness vary from 1.5mm to 1.6mm. The POM sheets we receive from our vendor(s) are supplied with no protective paper covering on them. Because of this, the sheets may come with small surface-scratches. Prior to laser cutting, we take our time and apply masking on the POM sheet. This helps reduce laser-created heat marks but occasionally a heat mark can show up (mostly on back side of plate). This does not affect the functionality of the plate.  

Laser Kerf:

Laser kerf will be accounted for with all custom-cut POM plates.

The switch cut outs are cut to exact standard switch tolerances – that is 14mm+- .05mm. There are way too many switches on the market and fitment cannot be guaranteed for all.  Some switches clip in, some are snug and some are loose. The inherent flexibility of the plate can exacerbate this issue.

We will guarantee general fitment and that the plates are cut as per the provided plate files. Since POM is a "soft" material, I have personally hand-filed some switch cutouts to resolve some fitment issues.


Please understand that these plates are custom cut-to-order and there will be no refunds due to the flaws mentioned above. If you have any other problems with the plates – Please reach out to me via email (smkeyboards@gmail.com)