Commission Information

Quick Info

  • Cases have a floating PCB design, which means soldered builds are recommended. Hotswap PCBs will work with the case, but might have issues if the switch holes in the PCB become stretched if you constantly change switches. If you press your keys hard, it also might cause the switch to pop out of the hot swap socket.
  • There are NO refunds for custom commissions due to the customization of orders

The case is made up from 7 acrylic layers (with acrylic layers used for the stand) stacked on top of each other using a combination of screws and standoffs. The plate is sandwiched in between the layers.

The current design features a 1-step design from the top most layer to the next. The 2nd layer down is known as the flare layer. This allows you to personalize your keyboard with an accent color!



For my cases, you will be required to use my plates designed for it.

  • 4.5mm acrylic plate
  • POM plate in White or Black
  • Brass plates - Sandblasted or Shiny finish
  • Copper plates - Sandblasted or Shiny finish
  • Aluminum plates - Sandblasted or Shiny finish
  • Stainless steel plates - Shiny
  • 3mm acrylic plate
  • Clear PETG 1.6mm
  • Impact Modified Acrylic (IMA) in clear+white or clear+black


In every kit, you will be provided:

  • Acrylic case
  • Switch plate (acrylic, POM, or metal)
  • Case hardware
    • Screws 
    • Standoffs
  • Hex tool for hardware
  • Rubber feet
    • Case rubber feet


What do I still need to complete my build?

  • PCB
  • Cable (check the PCB you buy to know which kind)
  • Keyboard switches (MX, Alps, etc.)
  • Keycaps




See FAQ page.


If you’d like a case style I do not offer, send an email to to discuss. A non-refundable design fee of $25 would be charged separately and must be paid prior to design work being started.