Iris Acrylic Case


This laser cut acrylic case is designed for the Iris PCB from keebio.

Versions supported: Rev 5+

Please note that the hardware shown in the photos are no longer available. Orders will ship with the button head screws (not the screw + washer combo as shown). 


  • 7 main case layers
  • High profile case
  • 0 degree angle (no stand layers)
  • SMK logo on bottom layer

What's Included?

  • Acrylic case layers
  • Hardware
  • Hex tool
  • Rubber feet

What you still need to complete the build?

At this moment, this sale only includes the case and case hardware. All other components should be sourced from other vendors.

  • PCB
  • Cable (check the PCB you buy to know which kind, most of the time you'll need a USB-C)
  • Keyboard switches (MX style)
  • Keycaps


Custom Case Commissions: 4-6 weeks (orders with metal plates may take longer)

Other laser cut products: 1-2 weeks

In stock items: 3-5 days to ship

All sales are final and there are NO refunds or returns on this item.

Acrylic colors are also subject to being unavailable or sold out and may take additional time to complete your case order.