Lube and Tool Holder [Limited Stock]
Lube and Tool Holder [Limited Stock]

Lube and Tool Holder [Limited Stock]

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The product you are purchasing is NOT the mini lube station, it is the acrylic pieces holding the lube and the tools. It only has cutouts to hold tools and lube.


This is a convenient way for you to store your switch tools, lube brushes, and lube on your desk.

Random colors include all old and new colors. Clear is also considered a random color. Feel free to leave order notes to ask for a specific color.


This product is cut once every week. Your order may take up to 1-2 weeks to ship.


What's included?

  • 3 acrylic layers
  • brass M3 standoffs
  • brass M3 screws (Phillips head)
  • 4 rubber feet
  • (only the lube and tool station)



Dimensions: 92mm (L) x 67mm (W) 

Lube vial holes: ~11mm diameter

Large lube holder: 36mm diameter

Switch puller: Cut to fit RAMA switch puller; can work with others

Top row of holes (left to right): ~11mm, ~6mm, ~5mm (I use these as brush and stem holders)


*Lube and tools not included in the sale*